We have compiled some pictures of Uzbekistan to help you get a snippet into what this country has to offer. It’s people, religion, culture, tradition and landscape are interesting and worth a visit. This country is a visual treat for and one of the destinations to go to in 2017. Are you ready to travel to Uzbekistan?


The people of Uzbekistan are famous for the hospitality. Here you can count on a warm welcome. The Uzbeks will be happy to stop on the street to chat with you and they have a lot to tell indeed.

People of Uzbekistan

Photo Courtesy  whltravel

Uzbek folklore and fashion show is an experience not to be missed.  It takes place in Bukhara,  capital of the Samanids in the 9th and 10th century and one of Central Asia’s religious and cultural centers.

Uzbek folklore, Uzbekistan

Photo Courtesy Loïc Brohard

Drinking tea in Uzbekistan is a ritual by itself. The age old tradition and belief on how much of the cup should be filled and how many times one should pour the tea from the glass to the kettle back and forth has a scientific approach to increase the flavor and the aroma. It is quite a fascinating experience.

Uzbek Tea ceremony

Photo Courtesy Sergio Tittarini

Uzbekistan is blessed with nature. The landscape would make you believe that you are in some remote place of Europe. This little explored country is packed with surprises. Here is a photo of Tashkent 🙂

Beautiful Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Photo Courtesy Sherzod Salamov

It is also a great destination to shop. Silk, Ceramics, Pottery, Carpets, Rugs, Handmade crafts  and Jewellery are few of the things you can pick from this awesome country.

Hand Crafts from Uzbekistan

Photo Courtesy Hiveminer.com

Are you ready to travel to Uzbekistan?


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